About Us

At Sri Sri Homz, we are dedicated to bringing quality in your lifestyle by delivering projects that are abreast of modern requirements and nurtured with the traditional richness of architecture. We not only construct structures but put life in them by adding our invaluable experience and high-quality standards. As a brand, we are an indispensable organization, to connect with, for making your dream home a reality.

What keeps us driving and thriving is our ability to understand the customer’s requirements and fulfill every set goal of a project with utmost integrity, transparency, honesty and of course, customer satisfaction.

Our story

Established in 2010, Sri Sri Homz was an idea that got the perfect shape with time. It was a company dedicated to build innovative, futuristic and functional commercial and residential spaces, which would cater the core needs of our clients. Backed with the team of skilled Architects , Project Consultants and Interior Designers, we expanded our reach, penetrating the market and bagging more projects, only to deliver quality and perfection.

However, throughout our journey, we remained focused on building trust and a sustainable environment, for people to live, work and lead a qualitative life. We have captured a significant share of the market and fostered it with quality constructions, to make it ideal for the coming generations to grow and prosper.

Quality+ Perfection = Our key to customer satisfaction

Why Sri Sri Homz?

Sri Sri Homz is where you meet new standards of life, at an affordable cost and indispensable quality. We bring perfection in every project, and dedicate ourselves on developing every home as if it is ours. The building blocks of our organization- Quality, Skills, and Passion & Determination- fuel our dedication to the next level and allow us to achieve greater heights of perfection in every project we deliver.

Following a set process to develop any property, we ensure transparency and professionalism in every step. Our commitment to keep the customer at the center of our development and growth plans enable us to introduce ourselves the most reliable builders in Delhi NCR. In our journey so far, we have passed the test of time and emerged as a builder & promoter with hands-on knowledge of the industry, eye on future trends and passion of creating state-of-the-art infrastructure to promote luxurious lifestyles.

The Perfection

Perfection is a word that we love to define with our work. Our keen eye for detail and creative taste for aesthetics make us foster every construction with a personal aspect of our identity. We want to break the clichés and welcome innovation and refined aesthetics in every structure we design and bring to existence.

The Responsibility

One of our key characteristic that makes us feel proud on our journey so far is our responsibility- towards the customer, our commitment and the environment. Every step we take to make lives better with betterment in infrastructure, we keep an eye on meeting out commitments and offering every new possession, with everything that we once promised. Every contributor in our team, bring its veteran excellence and futuristic innovation to the best play, and make Sri Sri Homz life a reality for those, who believe in us and have invested their trust and hard earned money in our dream.

The Commitment:

We commit to our customers of making their dream come true and offer them a better lifestyle. However, our commitment for quality, facilities and amenities start even before our relationship with our customers. Every idea that we share, every development that we promise and every feature that we claim, we make sure that it comes to life in our construction and deliverance.

Quality+ Perfection

Sri Sri Homz stick to its commitment of making structures that radiates life. We are very particular about our quality standards and every project that we have delivered, is a living proof of it.

Quality combined with Perfection are the two key pillars that keep our foundation strong and allow us to be helpful for any client that approaches us with their dream project.

Our essence of existence lies with our passion to create architectural marvels that are sustainable, functionally blessed and an epitome of craftsmanship and perfection.

Welcoming you to a better life

At Sri Sri Homz, we touch every vertical of construction with put Experience, Knowledge, Skill, and commitment.


Our journey started with the dream of becoming the leader of construction and development in the geographies we work in while delivering satisfaction to customers, profitability to employees and shareholders and contributing towards the growth of the industry. Today, we have achieved a level of significance in the industry but our journey towards leadership still continues…


Our mission is to make a sustainable contribution to the environment and building structures (commercial and residential) that fulfill all the functional; and aesthetical requirements of a well-facilitated life. We want to bring a positive change in the life of our customers, by understanding our Responsibility as a builder and offering them Perfection in every blueprint.

Core Values:

  • Retain the trust of our customers by deliver what we commit.
  • Understanding customers’ needs and keeping them in top priority.
  • Transparency in all our initiatives and plans
  • Nurturing the wellbeing of our employees
  • Contributing towards the growth of the industry
  • Fulfilling our commitment to the environment
  • Delivering perfection in every project, while maintain strict delivery time lines.