Interior designing trends to look forward in 2018

2018 is almost half year old and most of us are still trying to figure out the latest designs and trends that can help us to renovate our home. Renovating house means to give it a fresh and new look, matching with latest colors and trends. Anything, which is outdated will not solve the purpose of bringing life to our abode.

For all those who are looking for some change and wants to redefine the look of their house, here are top interior designing trends for 2018 that might help you to re decor your house:

  • Warm colors:

2018 is the year where warm colors are making a comeback. Red is so far the color of the year. All shades of red and orange are preferred to give your house that warmth you have been looking for. Last year, it was grey, but, this year, it seems that cool hues are being replaced by warm comfort. One can try different shades of red, brown. In fact millennial pink is being considered by best interior designers to give an interesting look to your home.

  • The bathroom’s inspired by SPA:

The Year 2017 was a bit stressful year for many of us and that is why it is really important to bring some comfort and relaxing atmosphere around us. Bringing SPA style in your bathroom is something that will work as stress buster at the end of the day. Try to use wooden texture and some stonework to give your bathroom a new redefined look.

  • Wood texture:

Using dark colored wood texture on floors and walls is now an outdated trend. 2018 is the year of brighter and lighter shades. Using wood texture on the floor is always a good idea but this year replace the same with light flooring giving it the most natural look. This is one of the most trending floor renovation ideas for 2018.

  • More of nature and greenery:

Love for nature and greenery is staying for another year. Not only natural plants bring clean air in the environment but, they also help us to bring in lots of positive vibes around. Moreover, it goes best with the spa-style bathroom and wooden texture walls and floors. Try to furnish your house with lots of rattan furniture.

  • Wallpapers:

Plain walls are the most boring feature of any home, wallpapers add twist and excitement to the walls of your home. Geometric patterns, landscapes and artistic painting on the walls are trending these days. It not only adds charm to your house, but also increase the value. Adding art pieces and gallery art to your walls is also a perfect substitute for wallpapers.

  • Black finishing:

Don’t get confused, we are not adding “black” to the color of the year category. We are still stuck with our point of using subtle and warm colors, but black can be used in so many other ways to add a twist to your home decor. You can use furniture of brass finishing, black window frames or black decor to add a pinch of excitement to your home.

This year is more relaxing, subtle and full of warmth. Try to incorporate all these interior decoration trends 2018 into your home and see how lively and classy your house turns out to be.

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