5 Questions You Must Ask Your Interior Designer before Handing Them the Project

So, you are ready for new house or maybe an interior upgrade of the old one but haven’t worked with an interior designer before. There are a lot of things, facts and consequences you may ponder while making your choice for the right interior designer for your project. While you may think it as a simple job, you might not know that overhauling is a cumbersome job. Even if you are revamping just a single room, there is a lot to look after. Choosing the best interior designer in Delhi can help you make your home just the way you always wanted to, but, on the other hand, a wrong choice might shatter your “Home Sweet Home”, forever.

Fret not, at Sri Sri Homes, we understand the plight that you are going through. This blog post is our effort to prep you up for the interior designer hunt you always feared. As an industry expert who have had successfully completed a number of interior design projects, we have made you a list of questions to ask the potential candidate and hire the best among the crowd:

Are you OK working in my budget?

Most of the time, designers pressurize the clients to upscale their budget quoting a number of reasons. But, most great designers don’t do so. They work for you in any budget that you put forward. Budget is a critical aspect of your revamping project ad simply playing with it can have some serious consequences. However, what you expect out of your budget also is an important deciding factor here.

How much time will it take to complete the project?

With no idea about interior designing process you may never be able to estimate how much time it will take to complete your project. It is important that while discussing the requirements fn the scope of work, you also ask them about the expected time frame. This will help you asses the progress throughout and not have a shattered home for long.

How much experience do you have?

This is probably the most important question to ask at the first place. The years a designer has spent in the industry not only explains his extent of learning but also that he has the skills to survive. Moreover, a successful survival also means that they have delivered awesome results and maintained a status to compete the tough market conditions.

What is your signature style?

While you may have a design in your mind, leaving the decision on the designer at times may be the best thing to do. Every designer has its own distinctive style that they are known for. They perform the best when allowed to follow their signature style and this is what makes a lucrative deal. However, this nowhere should stop you from enquiring them about working in other styles.

When you decide to redesign the interiors, you are about to play with an expensive asset. Make sure you clear all your curiosities before closing the deal with the best interior designer Delhi. Ask these questions and makes sure you get what you are expecting from the upgrade.

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